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What annoys in the resume

Typos in resume

Operator in call center,
Main Busgalter
Personnel Manager
Administrator ...

Errors do not add points. If a person is inattentive when writing a resume, he is unlikely to show maximum responsibility in his work.
Even more dubious quotes - in our article. Read and do not repeat.

Tip: Before saving and publishing your resume, read it again. If you are not sure, check the text in an editor, such as Word.

Compressed Resume Information

According to the functionality, which is described formally, in general phrases and without details, it is difficult for a recruiter to conclude what the candidate specifically did.

An example of poorly described job responsibilities from the driver’s resume: “Transportation in the region, paperwork ...” The recruiter should not and will not think over what you wanted to write.

Tip: describe the responsibilities in a detailed, but to the point. An example of a well-described job description of a driver: “Transportation of employees and the first person of the company; compilation of optimal and alternative routes; filling out travel sheets, preparing advance reports ... ”So we scheduled the transportation and drawing up papers from the top example.
Additionally write achievements in the resume, operate with numbers. How to do this, read the article.

Unsuccessful words

Irritant words in the “About Me” section of the resume: “sociable”, “stress-resistant”, “proactive”, “efficient”, “purposeful”, etc. According to recruiters, these phrases are commonplace and meaningless.

Tip: replace annoying words with meaningful phrases: “I am a seller with a lot of experience. I constantly improve my qualifications, attend classes on clothing styles, follow trends, therefore I am well guided in fashion trends and customer requests. I appreciate the good relations in the team, and with the customers ... ”In the example, we actually replaced a few banal phrases with understandable characteristics of the applicant.

Use a superword for effective job search. You will find examples in our article.

Frivolous e-mail and inappropriate humor

vampirchik666 @ ...
yagodka @ ...
SvetaKonfeta @ ...

“Assistant, left / right hand”
“The profession is not the best ... and not for me, it just happened according to the circumstances”
"Not a freak neither moral nor outwardly" ...

Such things in the resume make one doubt the seriousness of the candidate and his intentions regarding the job.

Tip: create a separate mail that you can leave in the resume. A minimum of creativity. Be restrained.
Recruiters look at dozens of resumes daily. Help them see the essence of yours (experience, achievements, professional skills). You can joke even after getting a job.

Hobbies not related to future work

“I do not like theater, I go to the cinema”
“I love fishing”
“I raft two times a year” ...

Information that is not relevant to future work causes misunderstanding. And does not characterize the professionalism of the applicant.

Tip: if you want to indicate a hobby in the resume, do it at the end of the resume, do not write about dangerous hobbies, mention hobbies that may be useful in your work. For example, an analyst can write about a love of chess and so on.
Writing a resume is an interesting and serious job. Be careful. After all, a resume is your first contact with potential employers. It can either attract the attention of a recruiter or not.

How to get a job in a new field

The main reasons for moving to another sphere are: changes in the labor market and professions, professional burnout, the search for a new source of inspiration and earnings. Any transition can be divided into 5 specific steps.

Find universal skills

Universal skills will help you understand whether you can do a new job or not, that is, a transition is possible or not.

For example, a recruiter has a universal skill: finding employees and working with information about federal resume writing services reviews - At the heart of the skill: perseverance, analytical skills, the ability to work with sampling, the ability to analyze. You can use these skills in tourism - a search project, or work with BigData by adding technical skills.

How to search for universal skills
Take a piece of paper and write:

result = what they achieved (what they did, whom they helped),
initial situation. What was at the starting point: problems in business, your environment, etc.
what you did - the steps you took to achieve the result (with whom you talked, how you worked and interacted at all levels, emotions at that moment)
analyze what skills have been demonstrated and what made it possible to achieve a result.
After working through several achievements, you will see that there will be similar universal skills: responsibility, flexibility, etc. Professional skills can be layered on these skills to figure out what will help to move into a new sphere.

Find relevant experience and tailor resume to proposal

Imagine the situation: you worked as an administrator in the hotel business for many years, and now you want to become an aviation pilot.
When you send a resume to a recruiter, he will not understand either the resume or your motivation. There is a risk that the resume will fall into the basket.

To avoid this, analyze the new sphere in which you plan to move: what are valued in the industry, who are expected, how are they grown, what are they fired for, how much they pay. To do this, study vacancies on work sites or attend conferences, thematic meetings.

Create a resume in the language of a new industry:

highlight the functions that are important for each employer
highlight the steps towards a new profession: completed training courses, attended thematic conferences, participated in the project ... If none of this is available yet, then write in a cover letter that you are going to take courses, are interested in the field and industry news, etc.

When creating a resume, make the most important thing for a new industry. The maximum number of pages in a resume is two. It will be difficult for a recruiter to learn more: after all, he has a hundred resumes a day or more. Therefore, he will look at the essence. If there is a lot of experience, squeeze and reduce to the level of achievements.

Get started now

Do not wait until you are invited. Look for work options in a new field today - part-time job, volunteering, freelance ordering, remote work. You can search on specialized sites, among new friends in the industry.

Trial experience will confirm your aspiration to the employer, and it will help you to understand whether a new area is suitable or not.

How to ask for a pay raise

Get ready for a conversation

The phrases in the style: “And colleagues have higher salaries,” “And I work late until the weekend,” will not help to resolve the issue. As well as complaints against colleagues, threats of dismissal.

To successfully build a dialogue with the employer, you need to understand that for him the value of an employee is determined by:
significance of work for the company and achievements,
real and potential skills
the average cost of specialists of the same profile.
Your task is to prove that you deserve a revision of motivation. Remember the initiatives and proposals that have been implemented and have benefited the company: justify the words with facts, figures, documents that confirm success. Specify what you learned during your work, how you expanded the functionality.

Monitor the market - look at competencies, duties and salaries of specialists with similar functions. Compare with yours, identify benefits. So you can justify the wishes for the salary, if it is below the average market.

Make an appointment in advance

So you will have time to prepare. Communication with the boss will take place in a relaxed atmosphere.
Good time in the afternoon. In the morning, everyone has many tasks.

A suitable period for meeting and discussing the increase is the successful completion of the probationary period, completion of the project, closing of a profitable transaction, etc.

Handle the excitement

Rehearse a dialogue with the imaginary boss (friend, relative) in front of the mirror. Answer questions, comment. So you lose the conversation options, including rejection.

Reasons for refusal and your actions:
the company has no way to raise salaries. Ask when it is better to return to the question.
the leader was not satisfied with your arguments, the quality of work. Specify what you can do for the company to expect future increases.
Dialogue example: “Roman Alekseevich, thank you for your time. I want to discuss my work and opportunities for revising motivation.
I like work in the company, tasks, team. During my time at the company, I managed to implement 5 successful projects, attract 12 regular customers. All this allowed to increase the company's revenue by 5%.
I expanded my functionality: responsibilities of a pr-manager and event-manager. I want to further develop in the company, to bring maximum benefit. The only thing is that the market offers specialists with my skills and experience a salary of 10% higher. And it’s important for me to know your opinion, is it possible to reconsider my salary? ”

Get ready for the conversation, choose the right moment, deal with the excitement. This will increase your chances of getting an increase.

Summary Achievements

Do not confuse professional and personal achievements. If you have mastered a new program at a previous place of work, these are skills and competencies that should be indicated in the resume. But, if you independently implemented or even developed this program to optimize your work, this is already an achievement.

Avoid common phrases. Work can be digitized, so back up achievements with numbers.


Technical Support Specialist:
“Processed 85−100 incoming applications per day. Successfully solved 96% of the problems. ”

Head of Sales Department:
“Developed a new method to attract customers. In two months, he trained employees in the sales department. The number of transactions increased by 14%, and sales - by 20%. ”

“Successfully completed nine tax audits.”

“Optimized the software. The result - saved 15% on the acquisition of a new one. ”

The hairdresser:
"Entered the top five in the city competition for hairdressing."

HR manager:
“He replenished the company’s staff with 70 employees, conducted 120 interviews.”

Sales Manager:
“I concluded five contracts for the wholesale supply of goods. This allowed us to increase revenue by 7%. ”

“During my work, I became the best seller of the month five times. He proposed a new version of window dressing, which increased the flow of customers by one and a half times. "

To employees of administrative departments: secretaries, assistant managers or office managers, you can digitize your work by considering, for example, how many meetings were organized or how they saved the leader from wasting time. Well-established workflow, uninterrupted supply of office everything you need can also be considered an achievement.

Mass professions, such as a loader, a security guard, a waiter, imply the high-quality fulfillment of daily duties. Achievements can be formulated as follows: "During the time of work, not a single incident happened." That is, if you work as a cashier, you should not count the number of clients served per day and multiply by work shifts. It is better to note that during your work you did not have any complaints about how you prevented the shortage and saved the company from losses.
What formulations do not fit:
"Organized the effective work of the department." The phrase is blurry. It is necessary to clarify what exactly was done
“During my time as secretary, the flow of company customers increased.” It is unlikely that the flow of customers has increased due to the work of the secretary
"Reduced the company's turnover." Avoid negative wording
"Improved communication skills." This is a personal achievement. And the fact that you had communication problems is better not to talk at all.
How to find merit

At first, it may seem that there are no achievements at all. To navigate, we recommend that you consider the following questions:

Why were you praised at your previous job?
What was entrusted to you to do?
What did you do better than others?
In what cases did they take the initiative?
Have you taken part in any significant event for the company?
Was it so that thanks to your assistance, any business processes have been established that led to improved performance?
Did the company save time or money thanks to you?

Take into account implemented projects, improving financial and other indicators - any goals achieved.

The result should be a list of merit that needs to be adapted for the vacancy you are applying for. In the resume, indicate only those achievements that are relevant to the desired position.

Successful job search!

How to write a resume to a student

Tell us what you do at the university.

During your studies, you wrote term papers and diplomas, carried out research projects and laboratory tests, completed a practice or internship, and so on. Describe in a resume what topics you specialized in, the experience of which companies you studied. So you identify the area of ​​interest, and it will be easier for a recruiter to notice and highlight your resume.
For many employers, the average mark and the diploma topic are important.

For example, a recruiter will be pleased to know that you are familiar with his company's experience or similar. A marketing agency will want to meet a graduate who has studied targeting on social networks and so on.

Tell us about extracurricular projects.

Recruiters are important candidates skills: how he can get along with people, work in a team, communicate and so on. These features are manifested during study, you need to correctly indicate them and back up with examples. Perhaps you were the headman of the course, played in KVN, published a newspaper, volunteered, worked part time at the department - all this illustrates your working qualities.

For example, you can write: “In the summer, I worked as a volunteer at the Greenpeace camp, where I was the curator of the group. I was responsible for a team of 10 people: I distributed tasks for the day and took the job. ”

Write a cover letter

A cover letter will help you stand out from the competition. According to our observation, every third recruiter draws attention to the cover letter in order to better understand the candidate without experience. In the letter you can write how you liked the vacancy, why you go to work in this company, how you can be useful for it.
Read more about how to write a cover letter and what should be in it, read in our article.

Ask for recommendations

References can serve you well. Agree at the institute who will be able to give you a good description: supervisor, specialized teachers.

Check details

A resume is a document; treat it carefully and responsibly. Before submitting a resume:

check for errors (their presence spoils the impression of candidates)
format the text (single font size, style, etc.). For convenience, you can use the convenient resume form on we have already created all the necessary sections, you just have to register on the site - it will take no more than a minute - and fill out the finished resume form
pick a good photo. No funny selfies, photos from parties and relaxation
check social networks: evaluate them through the eyes of the employer, if necessary, limit the visibility of individual posts and photos that may not best describe you (for example, topics containing obscene language, or a photo with alcohol).

And finally, about the pleasant. Companies are in dire need of young talent. This is evidenced by representatives of all industries. Tens of thousands of jobs at Rabota ru do not contain experience requirements. Most open to students are companies in sales, HoReCa, marketing and banks.